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About PoSil Consulting

Many businessmen and women in South Africa require the services of web designers, web and email hosting specialistsonline marketing specialistsrecruitment administratorsdaily bookkeepersadministration officersfinancial administrators and payroll officers in order to run their enterprise effectively. However, the astronomical costs involved in appointing these personnel individually, together with the cost of equipment, office space and accessories, make it impossible to even consider creating such an infrastructure.

The result is often the appointment of one or more employees who lack the skills to perform all these functions, or the outsourcing of these services to various companies with no saving in costs.

Since the inception of PoSil in 2003, our aim has been to provide skilled, professional, knowledgeable and affordable solutions to our clients.

Larger companies and corporates are also outsourcing their requirements to PoSil, saving huge costs, reducing their expenses and increasing profitability, thereby contributing to the effective running of their enterprise. PoSil has skilled staff in the various departments ensuring the best work at all times.